Jeremy Mansfield Books

Jeremy has, over the years, written a number books. Vrot Jokes is a South Africa best seller.

In 2009, Jeremy and his wife Jacqui compiled a multi award winning cook book together entitled Zhoozsh! It won many awards including Best Cook Book in South Africa as well as Third Best Cook Book in the World at the Gourmand Awards.

Much like the dynamic duo of Jacqui and Jeremy it is irreverent, light-hearted, packed full of simple easy to make dishes and down-right entertaining!Although Zhoozsh! is formally classed as a cookbook it encompasses so much more than just recipes.

This book not only offers zhoozshed-up versions of favourites like macaroni cheese or ox tail , it also reveals their personalities, sparkling humour, and offers a peek into their private life. It is wickedly funny with tales and travel anecdotes, liberally peppered with personal photos from Jeremy and Jacqui’s journeys around the world.

Jacqui and Jeremy’s second cook book Zhoozsh! Faking It is another award winning South African nest seller.

Jeremy Mansfield Books